Andoku Sudoku 3

The premium Sudoku app that contains thousands of puzzles in various variations and levels of difficulty.

Andoku 3 Intro

What Is Andoku 3

Andoku 3 is a Sudoku number puzzle app for mobile phones and tablets.

The goal of Sudoku is very simple: The puzzle must be filled with the numbers from 1 to 9 so that each number appears exactly once in every row, every column and every 3×3 block.

Depending on the puzzle accomplishing this goal can be fairly straightforward or it can be extremely hard. Andoku 3 offers puzzles in 9 levels of difficulty and is suitable for beginners and advanced players alike.


Interesting Game Variations

In addition to the classic Sudoku, Andoku 3 offers many interesting variations of the game that place additional constraints on the puzzle.

The variations include X Sudoku, Hyper Sudoku, Color Sudoku, Squiggly Sudoku a.k.a. Jigsaw Sudoku and more.

Game Variations
In-Game Hints

Intelligent Hints

If you get stuck, you can ask the app for a hint at any time during the game. Andoku 3 does not just reveal a random digit like many other apps do. Instead it shows the next logical move and explains how it can be carried out step by step.

Learn Solving Strategies

While easy sudoku puzzles can often be solved in just a few minutes, with more difficult puzzles you may not know how to proceed at some point. There are many well-established solving strategies you can learn to improve your puzzle solving skills.

Andoku 3 has a dedicated tutorials sections that contains a wide variety of solving strategies. The logical reasoning behind each strategy is explained in detail using concrete examples.

Strategy Tutorials
Capture Puzzles

Capture Puzzles

Many newspapers and books publish Sudoku puzzles. With Andoku 3 you can capture these puzzles and solve them on your mobile device! Simply start the recording function, point the device’s camera at the puzzle and it will be recognized instantly.

This way you can use all the advanced features of Andoku 3: unlimited undo and redo, request intelligent hints at any time, etc.

Built-In Puzzle Editor

Capturing puzzles with the camera is very fast and convenient but Andoku 3 also has a puzzle editor that allows you to enter puzzles manually. Use it to invent your own puzzles or enter puzzles that could not be captured automatically because they were already partially filled in, for example.

As you enter the digits, the editor continuously tries to solve the puzzle. It indicates which digits are possible for each cell and when the puzzle has reached a unique solution.

Enter Custom Puzzles
Color Themes

Color Themes and Customizations

Many aspects of the app’s appearance and behavior can be adapted to your personal taste. You can choose from many color themes in light and dark variations, activate or deactivate various assistance features, specify how you want to enter numbers and candidates in the puzzle, and much more.